Meet our dedicated Faculty and Administration




Program Director, Lynn Kennedy

Lynn is the administrator for the OnTop Program. She has began teaching at OnTop in 1982 and taught here for more than ten years.From there she was a special educator in Williston and has served as an administrator in Charlotte, VT. Since her arrival at OnTop, she has made many positive changes that focus on keeping the school a safe, productive and caring environment for staff and students.

Aministrative Asst, Nancy Winn



Teaching Staff

Educator, Paul Adams

Special Educator, Carol Caroscio

Special Educator, Allison Curran

Special Educator, Tom Emery

Special Educator, Ed Murray

Special Educator, Jessie Olson

Para Educator, Rebecca Coax

Para Educator, Rajnii Eddins

Para Educator, David Krilivsky

Para Educator, Katie Montagne

Para Educator, Ethan Romprey